Topic: SVmanager in french ?

I appreciate simpleviewer and SVmanager and I would be happy to help translate in french.
Is it possible and if your answer is positive is there files with chains ?
Thank in advance

Re: SVmanager in french ?

That's a nice idea and thanks for your offer of help. Multiple language support would require some changes in svManager, so it's not something we are able to do right now but it could go on the list for future development.

Are you aware that SimpleViewer does have some language support? You can change some of the text (and language) for the prompts that the users see when they right-click the image.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SVmanager in french ?

Dear Jack,

Can you contact me by mail  jpragot at ? pm is disable.
I make a litle project for french version and I would like to send you files.