Topic: Embedded Autoviewer in website. Can it automatically resize?

Hi guys

I purchashed Autoviewer Pro a little while back. I've embedded it to my site. So far so good, i am slowly getting to the place i want to be aesthetic wise.

I used to just have a small header image up top, with links to other autoviewer galleries below my embedded viewer. I have decided, for simplicities sake, to include a navigation frame at the top of the page, right below the header image. As such my vertical realestate has become compromised. I am aware of all of the variables involved in people viewing my page from different machines, with different screen sizes, browser window sizes, etc...

As such I would like autoviewer to resize itself to always fit into the browser window my visitors have open. For example, if their window is fullscreen, autoviewer will go full screen as well, and provided their screen is large enough, will display at its maximum set size of 500px height. if their window has been resized down though, I want autoviewer to take the cue and resize so it doesnt look weird.

any help?

below is the code i use for my autoviewer gallery. you will notice that my swf is called viewer.swf, as opposed to autoviewer.swf, which is how it looked when i downloaded the pro version. this was the easiest way i found to get rid of the banner. i really dont know much of anything about web design, i am kind of learning as i go along :/

**Code is available upon request, that if this friggen board will let me post it. I have to say the "anti-spam" feature is incredibly annoying to this paying customer...**

Re: Embedded Autoviewer in website. Can it automatically resize?

To have AutoViewer resize to fit the page, use a percentage size on the swf in the HTML doc. Check the example index.html in the pro download web folder.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.