Topic: Dreamweaver CS4 and Postcard Viewer

Hi Felix,

Not too sure if you are aware but the Postcard Viewer does not work with the code that Dreamweaver generates for Image Rollovers.  I recently upgraded to CS4 and it took me ages to figure out why the viewer wasn't working.  After a ton of time, I found that if I deleted the pre-load code as well as the roll-over code that Dreamweaver CS4 generates, everything works perfectly.  The only issue is, I can't seem to use roll-over images on the pages that have your viewer.  Any ideas?

Thanks mate.  If you want, I can post a working page without the roll-over code and one with so you can take a look.  Just let me know.


Re: Dreamweaver CS4 and Postcard Viewer


there shouldn't be an issue using postcard viewer with javascript image rollovers. Note that postcardviewer won't display in the Dreamweaver preview. You need to open the html page in a browser. Also check that dreamweaver isn't messing up the javascript code required by postcardviewer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.