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is there any possibility to add a scrollbar to a caption text?

Thanx in advance.

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Finally I know now how to add a scrollbar to the caption text.

1. I load various galeries in one main swf, like it is descriped in "simpleviewer_proexamplesFlash Embed".

2. I found a scroller on which I then modified for my own demands and put it in my main swf.

3. The path to the loaded mc where the caption is in: "mcLoader.mcCaption".

Now I am able to scroll the caption text. But when I select another image, the mcCaption does not go back to its original

y-position and the scroller does not go back either.
To make them do what they should I had to modify the and the
Since I use the rollover-effect of the thumbnails I added to lines to the onRollOver-function:

mStageManager.doLayout(); // the recall of this function sets back the mcCaption._y
_root.scroller.dragger._y = 12; // this line brings back the scroller to its original position
Here I added the same to lines to the onClickNext-function and onClickBack-function.

I did not search the function which controlls the scroll-wheel of the mouse, so this was all to add a scrollbar to the
caption text.

Re: Add scrollbar to caption text

hi, how did you do step #2?  thanks!

Re: Add scrollbar to caption text

At … /index.php I found the fla for a scrollbar.

I changed the last two lines to:

    dy = Math.round((top-(top-bottom)*-r)-_root.mcLoader.mcCaption.txtText._y);

        _root.mcLoader.mcCaption.txtText._y += dy;

to access the caption text.

And I changed the vars top and bottom into fixed values.
If I only knew how to get the height of the txtText - field everything would be perfect.