Topic: URGENT: how to add a scrollbar to caption-text

hi everyone,

since days i try to add a scrollbar to the captiontext on my clients gallery cause her picture-description is sometimes "overlong".  i tried it with a manual from this forum but things doesn't work for me  ...

could someone please help me out of this desaster (after days of waiting my client is a bit impatient) and give me a step by step (AS novice) instruction?

would be very nice

thanks in advance!!! :lol:

Re: URGENT: how to add a scrollbar to caption-text


how to add text scrollbars in flash is out of scope of this forum. Please try

Another easier solution is to give your simpleviewer swf a fixed height so it is tall enough to contain the caption text. The user can then use the browser scrollbars to view long captions. Check the FAQ, Q10: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.