Topic: image nav buttons hit area for vertical images?

Hi All,

I've been using SimpleViewer Pro for a few weeks now and LOVE IT!
and the forums have been super helpful :)

so I thought I'd bring my issue here
in the hopes that someone can help.

I'm using a fixed layout and have found that the image nav button hit area for my vertical images is way over on the right, where it is for my horizontal images.... the arrows are in the correct place, but the hit area has moved :(

any thoughts?  something i'm overlooking?

Thanks so much!


Re: image nav buttons hit area for vertical images?

in the I found

        //image nav hit areas remain same size as imageArea
        mNextBtn.setHitSize(mWidth/3+ fw,mHeight);

in the setSize-function.

So I would suggest to modify these settings. But I am not sure about this.

Re: image nav buttons hit area for vertical images?


Yes Simpleviewer is truly great!

I too am encountering this same issue. I have a fixed layout, portrait orientation images with main image alignment to the left.

The play, pause, and the right next image button are all correctly aligned for landscape orientation. However for portrait orientation these buttons ideally need to reposition so their hit areas are over the portrait image (aligned left).

Freeflow - you could be right in that a slight adjustment to that code could fix the issue, I'm not a coder unfortunately!

Any advice welcome.

Re: image nav buttons hit area for vertical images?

The rollover hitareas remains the same between portrait and landscape images. This is to increase usability by allowing users to click thru images without having to move the mouse each time.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.