Topic: Problem W/ White Space on IE only


I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why my simpleviewer is putting a white line on the right side. it is about a half inch thick.

I used Picasa to export my photos into the simpleviewer template but I am customizing it as I go. Also, I am using an iframe to view the simpleviewer on another html page.  Here is the link:

The funny thing is it works great on Firefox and this only happens on IE ( 6 is what I have)

Thanks in advance for any help!


Re: Problem W/ White Space on IE only

Hi Vinzzo,

it seems that your problem comes from your iframe, which is probably not correctly well called.
check all the options available for iframes : … frame.html


Re: Problem W/ White Space on IE only

Thanks! For some reason it fixed itself. Not sure why. I did upgrade to IE7 on another computer and it appeared to take care of it..