Topic: Flash button problem

Hey! im trying to link simpleviewer to a flash button, so far it works when i test it from my HD offline but when i upload it to my site and gonna view it it just says "the requested URL /simpleviewerindex.html was not found on this server" my action script on the flash button are as follow...

on (press) {
getURL ("simplevieweriindex.html", "iframe");

my path is...
C:projecthomepage Portfoliesimpleviewerindex.html

and as i said it works when i run it in firefox, IE, editplus offline but when i try and view it on my site it just dosnt work.

Re: Flash button problem

Pls forget that crazy backslash (suggested by microsoft)
and use the normal slahs as recommended in standards
path must looks like:  pictures/folder/index.html

i see duplicated ii in iindex.html also


Re: Flash button problem

Got it fixed..  i needed to write out the complete adress to the index file like this

on (press) {
getURL ("", "iframe");

and that got it working.