Topic: Problems Changing Font Size On Captions

Is there a minimum font size for captions?

I have tried to reduce the font size in the Options file and it seems to have no affect when I republish the viewer SWF file.

Also, the font looks a bit jagged to me. I set it to 10 point and it looks like this: (Log-in: north - Password: south)

To me it looks much bigger than 10 point. It seems to be about 12-14 point.

Is there any way to change the font face itself too? Seems there is a default font face type, which I am not so keen on.

I am basically just trying to put a copyright watermark onto the images in this gallery using the captions function,  so I wanted to be able to make the font size small and maybe to use a nice bold and chunky font of my choice instead.

Re: Problems Changing Font Size On Captions


I think you'll have to change settings such as font family and size in the gallery.xml file.

Try adding these tags to the images
<font font-family="verdana" size="10">Your caption.</font>

Best regards,
Daniel Stein

Re: Problems Changing Font Size On Captions

Cheers Daniel. I tried this:

   <font font-family="bimini" size="10">©Marc Schultz</font>

But nothing changed I am afraid...

Re: Problems Changing Font Size On Captions

check the FAQ, Q8: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problems Changing Font Size On Captions

Thanks. I had a look at the FAQ.

It seems it might be a UTF-8' encoding issue together with the fact that I probably was using a non-standard browser font since the font would not be loaded with the Flash file.

I think as a better solution I am just going to disable the captions all together and put my watermark overlay onto the images in PhotoShop so that I can use whatever font I like.