Topic: Pictures on my website won't show up

Hi there! I hope there is someone who could help me with this..

I've created my own website using simpleviewer to see the gallery pictures...
Everything works fine on my computer, but when I upload the files, the pictures in simpleviewer just won't show up...
The thumbs and the images all have the same extension .jpg so thats not the problem...
Is it something with the web host? The host I'm using is free, it's awardspace since it's just a small private website...I've tried setting up every possible image and thumb path but it still wont work... The files are stored in a subfolder "images".. It looks like this:

vivancev dot co dot cc

on the server.

I just can't figure out what am I doing wrong... Can anyone help please? Any help is welcome....
Here's the link www dot vivancev dot co dot cc/galerija dot html   for you to see the problem...
Thanks in advance...

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

I think AwardSpace has hotlink protection which will result in SimpleViewer unable to display your photos.

One way around this (other that to upgrade your AwardSpace account or change your host) is to change the file extensions on your images (to anything other than a recognised image format) and change the references to these files in the xml file.

For example, if an image in your imagePath is named image.jpg, rename it to image.zzz and then change the corresponding entry in gallery.xml to <filename>image.zzz</filename>.  (If AwardSpace does not allow you to upload files with unrecognised file extensions, try a file extension such as .txt.  It should still work (as unlikely as it seems).)

Before trying the above, I would try removing '' from the imagePath and thumbPath entries in gallery.xml (leaving imagePath="images/" and thumbPath="thumbs/") in case this solves the problem quickly.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

The thing with changing the image path didnt work, but renaming the files to images.txt WORKED!!!!

I just couldnt figure out where was the problem...

I would like to thank you so much monkeyboy! :D  Thank you for your help and for your time! You rock!!!!

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

It's me... Annoying you again...
Well, there is another problem accured... The images are now showing up, sipleviewer loads them nicely, but they are very small. I've tried changing the max image width and height in the gallery.xml but they are still so tiny.
Is there anything i could do to change this ?

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

try decreasing the max image size. As counterintuitive as it sounds, that actually worked for me in one case.

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

hey manntis, thanks for the reply, but even that won't work...

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

Hi, i'm having exactly the same problem, I changed the extensions to .txt but couldn't find '' in the .xml file. My imagepath said imagepath="" so i made them imagepath="images/" (freezone have told me hotlink protection is disabled so I don't think that's the problem) it's still not working - the link takes me to a blank page in my background colour, with nothing else. If anyone could shed any light on this I would really appreciate it, as I really know nothing about web stuff! My website previews absolutely fine in dreamweaver preview...just not when it's uploaded!

Thank you in advance,

Re: Pictures on my website won't show up

actually i've just found that only one of my galleries will upload a blank page, the rest wont upload at all!

'Fashion:index3.html - error occurred - An FTP error occurred - cannot put index3.html.  Access denied.  The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem. '