Topic: ASP customization

I am trying to generate my gallery.xml page from a database query using asp classic.  I have it generating a properly formatted xml.  If I use this page to generate an xml file then save it to my server and use it as the gallery.xml file in the index.html it works fine.  However, if I include the url to the gallery.asp in index.html SimpleViewer loads in my browser but no images load.

Here's my link to my asp page: … amp;city=*

I am putting this in index.html:

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.asp?name=&user=&form_event=*&link=&BegDate=8%2F5%2F06+15%3A00%3A00&EndDate=8%2F5%2F06+15%3A35%3A00&city=*");