Topic: managing galleries on multiple html pages with svmanager

i'm interested in using simpleviewer for approx. 6 galleries on a website i am developing, and each gallery is for a different artist on a distinct html page. i'm wondering if i can use svmanager to manage all the galleries by simply putting a copy of svmanager in each of the subdirectories that contains each artists webpage, so that the owner of the site can manage each gallery by going to for example, somesitedomain/artist1/gallery, somesitedomain/artist2/gallery etc. basically i have to embed each individual artists gallery on a different html page. but i'm also wondering if one installation of svmanager can handle managing multiple galleries in different directories like i explain above.



Re: managing galleries on multiple html pages with svmanager

You could do it either way. If any of your artists is likely to want to manage their own gallery then it would be better to have multiple installations of svManager – your first option. That way, they have their own user name and password and they only see their own gallery. Another reason for going this way is if you think that some artists might expand to two or more galleries in the future.

Your second option would also work. You would need to create the six galleries and then move each of them to the appropriate sub-directory. The instructions for moving galleries are in the user manual. That way, one person can see all the galleries in one listing and choose which one to edit. This option also means just one svManager installation so upgrades are easier.

You might also want to think about who is doing the backup for the galleries. If it's you then it's a little easier if there is only one svManager installation.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.