Topic: Cant implent it on ebay

Hi! Im getting nuts and biting my table. Please help im sitting on this for hours.

I take a !fresh copy! of autoviewer out of the zip file and copy it in the folder named "website". In the folder  "ebay" i put my ebay template (html file).

So lets just emagine "website" is the server where i store my data and the folder "ebay" is the ebay server.

So I copy the <scripte type= ... thing out of  the header of the index html (folder "Website") and copy it into the header of my template (folder "ebay"). Of course I change the link to the location of the swfobject js. 

After that i do the same with the other source code in the body. I copy the part saying -dude you have no flash player- and the java script stuff. I change the link to autoviewer swf to the "website" folder.

Thats all I do. No more changes.

The I open my template. All I see is the play button and the right side arrow. If i right klick the black window i get the usual "flash drop down menu" not the three options autoviewer one.


Re: Cant implent it on ebay

... i also found ou thats it even enough to take out the index file out of the folder where the rest of the files are. Then renaming the path in the header of the index file and the location af the swf file in the body... and it wont work anymore.... why? Am I stupid or is there a bg in the swf file?

Re: Cant implent it on ebay

Try looking at the instructions to embed SimpleViewer on MySpace, you may be able to use a similar method. Check the FAQ, Q25: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Cant implent it on ebay


it works. After I had a look into the simple viewer source code I found out that i have to remove the // in front of the code to activate it. (how should a java script noob know??:)

Then I changed gallery xml gallerydata xml and chaned the link from a relative to an absolute one pointing to its destination on my webspace.

Well, and then the last thing was to chance the links in the gallery file to absolute links and it worked.

That was all. Of course all the refers from the template to the files on the webspace have to be absolute links.

Works just fine and looks great!

Thank you Felix fron your hint.