Topic: resize feature

Does svManager resize the photos on the client side in Java, or on the server side using gd?  I am thinking about buying svManager but want to know if my client will be waiting forever for their files to upload... or if the photos are resized in Java and then the smaller files uploaded quickly.

Re: resize feature

The photos are resized on the client side in the java applet before upload. Only jpg files are resized, gifs or pngs are not changed. The applet will reduce them to the maximum size set in the customize screen, allowing for margins.

Thumbnails are created by php on the server so if you upload really big files or if your server memory allocation is too small then everything will be ok except that svManager will be unable to create thumbnails.

Anyway, big files are obviously going to slow things up for anybody visiting the web site, which is the best reason of all to avoid them.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: resize feature


Thank you for the extremely quick reply and advice on uploading. It sounds like you have done a great job on this product and thought out the features well.  You have won my business!