Topic: problems getting tiltviewer onto my website

Can you help me please?  I LOVE TiltViewer and have downloaded the free
version to play with prior to buying the higher spec version.  I can get my
galleries to work great until I upload the files to my website.  All I get
is the blank black frame....I have deleted and started from scratch many
times and done everything with great care but I just can't get my images to
appear (or the word 'tiltviewer; in the bottom right corner).  I've tried
both Safari and Firefox.  I run an iMac with huge spec...nothing missing in terms of apps.   Thanks very much.

Re: problems getting tiltviewer onto my website

Are you using an older version of Fetch to upload your files? If so this will break the SWF on upload. Try upgrading or using a different FTP app.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.