Topic: No Sound in Gallery with SVmanager - Tiltviewer Pro


Im running SVM 1.3.0 and the latest version of Tiltviewer Pro, (i've copied the tiltviewer pro file into the master folder) When i create a gallery, having the option enable sounds on, I dont get any sounds when i view the gallery, everything works fine, but no sounds of zooming/selecting etc.

I've checked just running the tiltviewer.swf and when i run it standalone i get sounds. But when i create it using svmanager I dont?

I see there is a preferences file created in the gallery folder, but unsure of the syntax to indicate if sounds are on or off in it. what should it read to indicate they are on?

Otherwise any ideas why I am not getting sound?



Re: No Sound in Gallery with SVmanager - Tiltviewer Pro

Oops – you caught me out with that one. I should have spotted it sooner :oops:

Fortunately it's an easy fix. I'll email you a file with the fix today and I'll incorporate it into the next release of svManager v 1.3.2 which should be out in the next few days.

Thanks for letting us know of the problem.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.