Topic: Inserting a return in a caption

Can anyone tell me how you insert a "return" in a caption so that you can control which text ends up on each line

This is how I have it right now:

    <filename>0370 Toto and the Tin Man.jpg</filename>
    <caption><![CDATA[<a href="images/0370 Toto and the Tin Man.jpg" target="_blank"><u></p>“Toto and the Tin Man” </p></p>oil on canvas, 54”x48”  2002</p></u></a>]]></caption>

I am (trying) working in the Pro Version of Simple Viewer
Thank You!!   :?

Re: Inserting a return in a caption

I tried to make a carriage return within a caption using the technique used for making one within a title. It works for the title, but does not work on captions.

&lt;br&gt; appears within the published text as <br>

Does anyone know how the trick to put a return in a caption???

Thanks a ton if you do!!

Re: Inserting a return in a caption

I just list the caption in gallery.xml like this:

    <caption>dj's country 
&#40;limited edition of 24&#41;
42x36 / 32x28 / 28x18
$xxx / $xxx / $xxx

one-half of proceeds go to Hospice Austin</caption>

And I get line breaks in the captions where I want them.

See http www fractallography com / gallery html.

-- Paul

Re: Inserting a return in a caption

to add linebreaks in the caption check the FAQ, Q14: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.