Topic: Rename gallery folder on unlist

I was wondering if it was possible to have the unlist function also rename the galleries folder to "unlisted_xxxx" where xxxx was the gallery folders original name. I am using Unlist as the delete function, in case I need to recover something later.

I am using svManager v1.2.3. Thanks!

Re: Rename gallery folder on unlist

I can't think of an easy way so you can make this happen automatically. Why not just rename the gallery folder in the customize screen just before you unlist it?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Rename gallery folder on unlist

Well, I was using the Unlist function as a delete function for the people running it. That way I can recover what they "delete" by reimporting it if necessary. Having it rename the folder to unlisted_xxxx where xxxx was the previous name would just make it easier to find galleries that have been "deleted" via unlist. I could then decide what's old enough to delete and which I should keep around in case the need for recovery arrises... I don't want to make clients rename stuff before they delete it. Doesn't make much sense to the client.

But I suppose that'd be too good to be true ;) Thanks anyhow!