Topic: change title and caption fonts and sizes, css?

Hi - just made a gallery with simple viewer and picassa and it works great but I can't seem to get the font to change to times in the index html file. I change the name and it still brings up the default sans serif font. also, changing the size doesnt have any effect either. this is the only place i see any reference to the styles used in the body of the html. can you bring in a css for this? or can you just put a font specification in the head of the html file? I feel likeI used to know how to do this stuff but have forgotten... any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Re: change title and caption fonts and sizes, css?

it seems impossible to edit the text that is generated by the simple viewer app through Picasa (that's what I'm using - just easier than Aperture... i hope) so I am going into the html file and modifying the css with some very basic font tags. since this is all just an inline css, i am also at some point when the site is actually finished, going to make it all point to an external css file so that the changes can be made quicker at a later date. The new text then has to be part of the page, so you have to make the swf file  only take up 90% or so, depending on hoe much space you need for text. this is modified in the index file at the bottom:

var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "95%", "8");
the 95% is my new height parameter for the simpleviewer swf file, so now it only takes up 95% of the window and I have a small space at the bottom for my copyright and my other text links...

ok The issues still are getting rid of the background color so I can have my bgd image on the whole page, and I wish I could make the title text bold... any advice on those would be aaawesome. thanks