Topic: very unique problem


there's a long explenation here if needs be but my problem is very simple

i create the xml file on the fly useing php

slide show works 100% perfectly fine.

here's where i run into the problem at.

heres a snid bit of my build_xml.php file

     $size = getimagesize("$folder$file");
     $size[0] = $size[0] + 40;
     $size[1] = $size[1] + 20;    
                    <![CDATA[<a href="javascript:MM_openBrWindow('savepic.php?location=$_GET[path]/$file','SavePic','w=$size[0],h=$size[1]');">Save This Pic</a>]]>

very simple here.  a url to a java window opener.  that opener opens a php file which then in turn watermarks the image on the fly.  so that's where you see location in the url there.  that's the direct path to the picture being poped up.

my problem is that when that location=............ is to long it won't load. 

savepic.php?location=eventpics/8-16-05/round1/dscn001.jpg  (works)
savepic.php?location=eventpics/8-16-05_ultimate_fight/youandme/round1/ultimatefight_meandyou_dscn001.jpg  (doesnt' work)

i have manualy poped that url with a test page so it's not my javascirpt window popper.  it has to have something to do with the cddata var being to long or something.

please help me out here.



Re: very unique problem

to add a little more to this

when i right click on "save this pic" and say copy link it gives me this

javascript:MM_openBrWindow('savepic.php?l=eventpics/61220/church pictures/user_uploaded_8-6-06_sunday_the_church_017.jpg','SaveP

this is not the full link url.  but when i run the build_xml.php page it does send the full url to the flash.

the flash is cutting it off