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I've searched for this with no luck.

I love the this product to start off with.  And I started off with it using the basic XML method.  Great image quality.  But When I tried out using flickr.  The image quality was definitely lacking...

Is there a way to fix this?  Where is tiltviewer pulling the photos from, the basic low res preview of the image from flickr, or the high res "all sizes" version?  BTW I'm using the exact same files when uploading to flickr and my server for the XML method.  Both are 1024px max dimensions and that is also what i have the index.html set to as well.

Any help is would be much easier for me to upload to just one place instead of both.

Re: Flickr Image Quality

TiltViewer pulls the medium sized version of the Flickr image. This is optimal for fast image loading. If you want to load hi-rez images you need to use an XMl gallery.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Flickr Image Quality


Re: Flickr Image Quality

hey man, i use an and it not a good quality, did you found how to resolve it..  sorry for my english