Topic: weirdness on Mac

So I was testing my environment on a Mac at work and noticed something weird. Using Firefox 3.0.7, the page displays fine. when I went into full screen mode, mouse movement no longer affected the tilt. Keyboard navigation still worked, as did clicking on any images in view. But the tilt angle was frozen and only going back to normal view fixed it. If I then went back into full-screen, it would do the same thing, but be at a different angle than before. Just weird. and only on Firefox. on Safari that worked fine.

Is that an issue with Tiltviewer or with Firefox?


Re: weirdness on Mac


I can't replicate that issue here on Mac/Firefox 3.0.7. Do you have the latest versions of Firefox and TiltViewer? Can you replicate on the demo page: … iewer/app/ ?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.