Topic: Upgrade to latest SVmanager version

Hi there, I bought SVmanager a few months ago and I now notice there is an updated version with some swanky new features - how do I go about getting the updated version, do I have to pay for it again or can I get the update for free?

Thanks, Svmanager rocks!

Re: Upgrade to latest SVmanager version

You can use the same download link that you received when you first purchased svManager. The link is good for 5 downloads. Instructions for upgrading are in the user manual.

And thanks for the kind words  :D


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Upgrade to latest SVmanager version

Hey thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have had a hard-drive crash since I bought it, just scanned the emails that I managed to import from a bank up but no sign of the link in them.  Is there a way I can find out the link, I know for sure I have only downloaded it once so far.  Thanks.  Mat Harding.