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like nico on this topic : www airtightinteractive com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6328&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=embed

I have a problem with the integration of tiltviewer in my flash site ... (I want everything to be focused and proportionate)
Here is an example (click on Mouvement d'aujourd'hui) : www scoualp net/margail/cs3/test
I used the embed example, but the balance is not maintained by the first flash (not tiltviewer)

have you a solution to keep the display in proportion to the window and focused as in the beginning of my flash?
(my English is very bad, I'm french)
thank you!

Re: Resizing problem ... when embed ...

I just put the link to the default ... to make this more explicit ...

Felix said : TiltViewer sets Stage.align to 'TL' and Stage.scaleMode to 'noScale'. This means you need to handle resizing in the 'onResize()' function. This gives you better control over resizing.
Is it possible to have a control on stage.align and stage.scalemode of tiltviewer ?

Thanks !

Re: Resizing problem ... when embed ...

If not,    
is it possible to configure the display swf in the html code to see the images grow out of swf on the rest of the html window?
www scoualp net/margail/cs3/index2

thanks !