Topic: Google not indexing SV images

I have noticed in my website stats that Google Images is not indexing images that are within the simpleviewer. They are located in the .xml files so it seems like they would atleast be recognized as images by Google. Does anyone know if there is something you can do to the SV pages to get the search engines to pick up those images?

Thanks  8)

Re: Google not indexing SV images

I'm interested in this also. Subscribing to this thread in case a developer or anyone responds with a solution.


Re: Google not indexing SV images

Been looking around in this forum and it looks like I may have to embed the viewer in an HTML page, and then optimize the page in the normal way. Unfortunately, that still means that the actual titles and captions that accompany the SV images won't be indexed. Maybe I can embed them as "hidden" 3px black text below the viewer, or something like that.

Hope SV becomes search engine friendly in the future.