Topic: Load TiltViewer Pro as an external SWF?


I'm thinking of purchasing Tiltviewer Pro for a current project. I've had a bad experience with Flashloaded's 3DWall, and now I've found Tiltviewer. Before I purchase your product though, I need to know if it can handle my specific purpose.

I need to be able to load and unload a TiltViewer.swf gallery into my host FLA without fail. This will be a projector application so load times etc., are not really a concern.

I just need to know if this can be done without problems before I purchase your product. Flashloaded told me it was possible with their product, then trying to do this caused many issues. Basically it just didn't work. I am a pretty experienced AS3 programmer so I do understand the ins and outs of loading etc., in the language.

So please, if you can tell me whether this can be easily achieved I would really appreciate it.


Re: Load TiltViewer Pro as an external SWF?

Okay, I couldn't wait, so I went ahead and bought TiltViewer Pro. The good news is that it worked perfectly!

Now, the only thing I wanted to ask, is there a way to add event listeners to the children of the TiltViewer, so that perhaps I can run a special function when a certain image is clicked?

Thanks in advance!