Topic: running tiltview script in photoshop cs4

Jack, when I ran tiltview script the first time there were no glitches and I uploaded it to the web. (see newweb2009 photosbymelody com)
When I tried to run it again, in order to change and add some new pictures, I just keep getting blank white squares. What can I do. Please. I would be happy to buy the pro version if I thought I would not have any problems. I tried saving in new folders, the same folders, nothing I am stumped.

Melody Reed

Melodysmediamix gmail com

Re: running tiltview script in photoshop cs4


I guess from the heading to your post that we are talking about the script for PhotoShop CS4 from the Airtight Interactive web site. Sorry but I can't help you with that one – I don't know anything about it. You might try posting on the TiltViewer forum. If I'm mistaken and it's a question about svManager then please post again here.

...or maybe we could sell you a copy of svManager ;)


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.