Topic: xml gallery bad quality image


i have an xml gallery, and the quality of the photos are not like the original. the sets on index.html are 1024 the same quality in the images.

is there any way to fix it? i ve been looking for answers and i can not find.

sorry for my english, ja

Re: xml gallery bad quality image


if you are talking about a color shift, please check the SimpleViewer FAQ, Q28: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: xml gallery bad quality image

felix, thank you sooooooo much..

i have other issue..i am wonder if you could help me.. when i update to pro... the arrows to the next gallery or previes  disappear, and only the reload buttum appear and i cant never come back to the previews gallery,  is there anyway to use the arrows like in the free version??