Topic: Background ; SV don't shows it

the album ;

the bckgrnd picture ;

my gallery.xml file ;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<simpleviewerGallery maxImageHeight="760" maxImageWidth="690" textColor="0x8C8883" frameColor="0xBACA81"
frameWidth="20" stagePadding="40" thumbnailColumns="3" thumbnailRows="5" navPosition="left" title="Arts"
enableRightClickOpen="true" backgroundImagePath="fond.JPG" thumbPath="thumbnails/" imagePath="" ><image>

I've read the FAQ, I think i'm allright, but it don't works


Re: Background ; SV don't shows it

see my topic here: … .php?t=795

Re: Background ; SV don't shows it

Hi AmelieRobert

Looks like you got it working. Your jpg is title as FOND  upper case, while you were calling it as fond , lower case. Some servers are case sensitive, may be a problem also.



in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

Re: Background ; SV don't shows it

thanks! It' was only that! :rolleyes: