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hey guys hosting company changed over to new servers and new set up but now I have spent all day on the phone emails and im getting my server up and running mostly buy me working my @#$%% off and then after fixing the issues one by one i would get an email saying that they just fixed it LOL

so now I have the visual working on the svManager and after log in I get
Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/home/users/web/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/cgi-bin/tmp/sess_xx, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) (auth.php, line 45)

does anyone know what I need to change if anything or do I need to get on the phone again and bang my head on the table :-)

ps before the switch everything worked great and looked great
they also went to php5 will I have any issues

Re: hey guys hosting company

Sorry for the bad news but you need to get on the phone again, and ask them to fix your server so it supports php session variables just like it used to. The problem is happening as soon as svManager tries to start a new session.

While you are waiting for them to fix that one, it might be worth running the svManager server compatibility test again to make sure they haven't done anything else that is going to bite you.

The svManager development is done in php5 and then tested in php4, so php5 should be no problem...


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: hey guys hosting company


hey jack thanks for the quick response and yes I did not need to call THANK GOD
they will most likely send me an email now that they fixed the issue LOL.

anyway the issue after going thru and killing the hot-links in ht-access and stuff like that was that their was no folder that said cgi-bin/tmp

I know easy fix but without going to the the forum and posting I would have been scratching my head for a week :-)

I also ran the test again and everything came up good except for a popup from java ? fun  saying that I have to purchase something to run it . I hope this was just an oops on my part but did raise an eyebrow

thanks again for all your help