Topic: Do I have to buy FLASH?

I am a newly registered user of Simpleviewer Pro.  I've been trying to understand how to do some simple things, for example, to activate and configure the "Autoplay" feature.

From what I read, I need to recompile the "simpleview.fla" file in order to produce a new, modified "viewer.swf" file, and that requires a copy of Flash.

Do I really have to buy a copy of Flash to get this done?   

I would really appreciate a definite, clear answer so I don't waste any more time.



Re: Do I have to buy FLASH?


from the SimpleViewer-Pro main page:

'Customizing SimpleViewer-Pro requires Adobe Flash 8 (or later) authoring software. A free, fully functioning 30-day trial of Flash can be downloaded here. SimpleViewer-Pro is written in ActionScript 2. To just remove the download link from SimpleViewer, it is not necessary to use Flash.'

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Do I have to buy FLASH?

Check Craigslist.

I bought a used Flash Pro 8 for $30.  It works great for republishing the new viewer.swf