Topic: Buttons I added always in back?

I've been having problems with loading both multiple galleries and adding buttons to my flash file.
I'm currently on ver. 1.3, and I simply can't add anything New to it, as it sets it in the background completely.

The only way I found to have my buttons on the front was to have an empty swf load my bottons on level 1, and the Autoviewer in a container in level 2.

- Empty SWF
-- Buttons --
[Container - Autoviewer] - 

If I loaded a container from the Buttons SWF file, it would show the buttons in the background, and not Over the autoviewer. So this is my only option.

I'm trying to load different galleries, or xmls if you wish, using what was said in:


But not even that worked, using the buttons directly on the autoviewer file (which still made it be in the background).

If you need me to post my flas, let me know, so I can upload them to a link.

thanks! :)