Topic: PHP Include function in SV manager

Hi, i am trying to add "include" function in the master copy of index.php so to includes header and footer on every gallery i make.
Code example is:
<? $nav_id = 1; include("templates/header.php"); ?>.

This is supposed to include the header with some links, drop down menus, images etc... so i could add the links to any future gallery in this one file (header.php) and apply it at the same time to all previous galleries automatically.

I would also like the drop down menus in this header to be visible over(on the top) of the simple viewer, but i suppose i can achive that by deleting the <body onload="this.focus();"> tag.

Question:is this possible (the include .php function) and if yes, what is the right path to appont in the master copy (the path to the master copy in my sv manager is: "svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer/svmaster/index.php").
Thank you, Milan

Re: PHP Include function in SV manager

I resolved the problem myself, the include function works perfect with svmanager it is just copying the same code appointed in the master file so the path has to be as it should be in the finally created files. Great!

The other prolem is how to make the drop down menu from the included upper header to display OVER the sviewer photos insead of under.

If anyone has an idea, please let me know. I will try a ew things myself as well.

Re: PHP Include function in SV manager

Yep i resolved the problem with menu dropping down over the photos and not under them, it is amazing what you can find in frequently asked questions section if you just want to spend the entire weekend searching.

Now i have just one more thing and my website is ready to go.
Actually 2 things:
1) The .swf files are not loading well via svmanager(not loading at all).
2) When i import them from my computer via ftp program they work just fine except that they start playing strait away, rather then when clicked.
I guess i will have to post this question on the Simple Viewer pro forum.

Cheers, Milan