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Ideally, I wish Simplviews/Porta would come up with a menu system using just thumbnails images and intellgience to go forward and back to multiple galleries.  It's great they have the software to show a gallery, but if you want to show multiple galleries, it seems either difficult to do or not possible.  The only thing I have seem is a html page where you have multiple links on the top page which seems old school versus a nice streamline thumbnail menuing system -- looks more professional that way.

SImple Veiw pro seems to have a lot of extra stuff, but personally, I don' t want to tinker with XML, SWF files and all that.  I don't even think you can do a menu system with just gallery thumbnail.  I rather have the software just do it for me.  In fact, this software is so great, it's clean and to the point, I can't believe its' free.  If you Simple Veiw pro included a software interface with a menuing system I pay $100+ for it instead the $45.  Even on the porta side forum, people seem to want it as well as here.

Please, if you decide to do this, write me., I'm your first $100 customer.

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svManager will build a gallery menu for you: … svmanager/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I have svmanager and it did create a separate page with a gallery menu however I am looking for a menu of the galleries to show up in each gallery page.  Is that possible?  Currently people have to click the back button on their browser to get back to menu and click on a different gallery.  It would be nice to have a menu in each gallery so people wouldn't have to click back.

www agape1 net/gallery/

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look at my menu at:
http //goranjakovljevic com/g8/

Here i included the header in the index.html page and it will go to where ever (i still did not finish it as i am having a diferent simple viewer problem - how to align the title and thumbs with the top edge of the main image - keep it to the left but closer to the top).
So, just include your menu in the index.html page and if you want a drop over the image set the opaque option down in the body, you have to add this, it is explained in FAQ. I still think the simple viewer is the great buy for the money but i am already spending 2 weeks ajusting diferent features because the clients alwas want something different.
So, having in mind how nobody ever answered my questions in this forum, i am trying to help, hope this makes sence. Regards,M