Topic: Sugestions for future power simple viewer

I am spending a few weeks customising simple viewer options and it would be so much easyer with the following features added upfront:

1) about text - a posibility to add extended text on the top of the gallery, explaining about the gallery, appart from the captions explaining the particular image.

2) streching thumbs and caption area so you can align the top of the gallery name with the top of the image on a designated hight.

3) fo.addParam("wmode", "opaque"); setted upfront, i can not see the freason why would anybody wish for his added links and content to go under the image.

That would be all and would make life a lot easier for some fortunate user in the future, I am having to figure it out by myself and it takes a lot of time, even the most is explained somewhere in FAQ and forum
Thanks, Milan