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I have my SV-Pro gallery all setup and working in my flash website using basically different scenes on button clicks, and I also have buttons added, and the Xhtml files all setup to where it works. My first question covers the file structure. Do the Gallery Files have to be in the same folder as the FLA? I attempted to make absolute addressing work like for my website, but it seems to not be able to find the gallery files when I move them. It would make the website easier to maintain.

Secondly, Ive attempted to setup where upon clicking the thumbnail, I've attempted to load an SWF but the gallery doesn't recognize it because they are different file extensions. Is there a way to make this happen? (I also tried to load the SWF in both the thumb and the picture but the thumb didn't load. However the SWF did, but it loaded as the whole background, and wasn't framed like it should have been)

Also in regards to photos, I saw how you can enable the right click to save, if that were to be done, (the right click enabled)  can that be used to view a larger image? or is there a better way to enable the gallery image which is small, but the ability to view a 4000x4000 px image at full resolution. (in the terms of artwork)

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You should be able to move the gallery images to another folder you would have to update the xml with were they are. Use imagePath="" thumbPath="" at the top of the xml.

As to your second question are you saying you are trying to load a flash file as an image? I believe SimpleViewer only supports loading images. If you are comfortable coding you could load a screen shot of the swf, try Hyperlinking Main Images and use this to pull up a modal like shadowbox that displays the swf or a larger image.

Mike Richards
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Thanks thats a great idea, I don't know how to do that, But It gives me a place to start. For the hyper linking main images, and apparently I need to learn to search for some better keywords before I post :P

As for the Image/Thumb path, that did not work. I tried it using both absolute addressing, and normal addressing.

Example of my Absolute.

Example of my Normal

Neither of these ways work, the second because when I upload it it would read that location on every computer looking at the the website, that aside it wouldn't even work when rendered the swf for the gallery on my pc let alone when I uploaded it. The only way i was able to get it to work is to leave everything in the root directory of my site folder.

*realize the last paragraph was a little redundant

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As for the Image/Thumb path, that did not work.

This depends on where your images are in the directory structure....

I use often:


if my images are 1 level up (index and beneith index a file called images) - you must refer to the correct file/path in order to find the images/thumbs...

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I totally forgot an easier way you could also put a link in your captions to a modal with a swf or larger image.

<![CDATA[<a href="thepage.html">the link text</a>]]>

As to the folder check out the SimpleViewer Options   
A relative path would be something like:

imagePath="/afolder/my_image_folder/" or imagePath="my_image_folder/"

An absolute path would be something like:


Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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@ TheCAT
That sort of makes sense to me, but i pretty much just use the file path relative to the main folder and then upload the whole folder, which makes it absolute addressing no matter  where its at. I.e i usually name a folder that has the whole site in it. [siteName] then i usually just keep all the webpages in there and put my pictures in various folders in a [graphics] folder.  so for SF would that end up graphics/folder1/images ? or would it be webpages/graphics/folder1/images ?  cause when I coded HTML for my other website i used graphics/folder1/images

Thanks for the tips, I'll have to try them. The first suggested path didn't work for my setup, as for the second one I never tried it that way because it seems backwards. because if it was absolute when I uploaded it to the web host, I shouldn't need to do it that way, However thats my understanding of it, and i'll have to give it a try to see.

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The correct path would be from where you want to get to the pictures:
if it is the html page under [siteName] the path would be:
You must use the correct names of the various folders in order to find the correct images.

My directory is build like this:
Website: AnneMarieZomer contains folders and html/css:
index.html (images needed for this page have the path: “images/11.gif”) to go from my main page to contact page the path is: “form/contact.php” because the folder 'form' is on the same level
The contact button path: “images/contactz.gif”
(Folder) images which also contains "contactz.gif"

Folder badmode contains:
        gallery.xml (images needed for this page have the path: “imagePath="images/") because this folder ‘images’ is beneath the .xml page.
        index.html – path to go back to the main page from here: ../../index.html: that means he has to go up 2 levels to find the first index.html.
To point at an image that’s in the folder: Images on the first level of your webpages:
You use: <a href="../../index.html"><img src="../(=level index.html)images/(=folder beneath index.html)homez.gif (=naam image)" alt="backbutton" /></a>
Folder lingerie contains:

Folder form contains:

Etc....other pages
For each page with simpleviewer I have a different folder which contains everything I need for simpleviewer for that page.

The paths change if you want to point to another location.
From the folder down you always have: foldername/images
For images from other locations it’s different:
Up one level is: ../foldername/images

You can see it here:

I also have multiple galleries here: … index2.htm

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Fantastic, thanks The Cat.
After the move back home this weekend and I start my job, I will give that a shot and see if I cant clean up my site. Will post more when that's done.

Thanks again,

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You're welcome, SBcarshops

Another website I've made with several simpleviewer-pages: (it's awesome, isnt' it?)

Only thing is: language is dutch...


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Thanks for the link, yes it is awesome, I'm stuck at home home for a while and the net is really un-reliable, so I'll see what I can get done in my downtime,

oh and I took 4 semesters of German at Uni, so I can manage with Dutch. (somewhat :P)