Topic: homestead website compatibility?

I've built my website using homestead. Anyone have any idea if I can install a simpleviewer into this website using their interface (Site Builder)??

Re: homestead website compatibility?

-----You can start by downloading a simpleviewer template and uploading it to a program that can generate the gallery. ( I used picasa )  :lol:

once you have your simple viewer files. (6 to be exact ) you open Site builder and go to the file manager. Then, you make a new folder with the name of your gallery and drag and drop all simpleviewer files into that folder.

After that you just publish the folder containing all simpleviewer files.
Congratulations! you now just place the html file anywhere on you website and it will open a seperate page to your gallery!

-----Embedding simpleviewer on homestead took me alot of tweaking but it turns out its quite easy.

First, instead of making a NEW folder in the file manager, you just put the simpleviewer files in the MAIN file manager folder. it does not work if you make a new folder containing the files. i dont know why... :cry:

But anyways, after you've done that go to the page editor and click to make a media file. You should then have a simpleviewer file called viewer.swf. Use this file on your media.

again Congratulations! just drag the media anywhere on your page and publish it! (just dont make the media too small or it'll get messed up ) :?

Oh.. and i'm still trying to find out how to change the background color when you embed it. For some reason its only works when you have simpleviewer as its own html page..

I hope this helps and Here's my website: www dot fotoluzart dot com