Topic: Picasa: Template not visible.

Previously I used Windows2000, and Simpleviewer worked perfect in combination with Picasa.

Now they put a new image on my laptop with WindowsXP.
I installed Picasa2.
I installed the flash player from this website.
I downloaded the SimpleViewer Picasa Template and placed it into the directory: C:Program FilesPicasa2webtemplates
I restarted my laptop.
I start Picasa, go to a photo folder, select: make webpage=> and in the list of templates the Simpleviewer is not there to select. Only the default Picasa templates.

What is wrong?
An activeX setting?

Many many many thanks for the person that knows how to solve this!!!

Re: Picasa: Template not visible.

This are my versionnumbers:

Picasa version: 2.2.0 (build 28.20.0)
Flash player version: WIN9.0.16.0
Windows: WindowsXP Professional, version 2002, sp2.