Topic: Importing SWF problem

I know SimpleViewer doesn't support video, but I love the interface so much, I am trying to find a way. I have read other forums and used snosh to get media controls on my swf files. It then works great, and you can click to play and it plays. But if you click on another thumbnail, the original swf file keeps playing. Does anyone know how to stop the video when you click another thumbnail so the user doesn't have to hit pause everytime they decide to change videos?


Re: Importing SWF problem

I don't know anything about snosh, but if it has a way for you to send it commands via actionscript and you know actionscript it shouldn't be that hard. You would need simpleviewer pro and to add a call to the select() function in telling the snosh clip to stop.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.