Topic: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Desired result:

Simple viewer pro gallery displays full thumbnail images in rectangular shape in thumbnail images exact natural proportions with no squeezing or distorting of images. Images are uniform dimensions. (all the same)

I am a webmaster and advanced computer user - adept with photoshop, with minor scripting experience. I have flash CS3, but I have never used it, and do not know how. I need complete instructions on this customization.

Thanks for all help.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

The easiest way to do this would be to use a letterbox ie a black strips above and below the image to make the a rectangular thumbnail square.

If this is not acceptable you are going to need to make a decent amout of changes to and regarding the how the thumbnails are created and placed on the stage.

This is not a standard feature, if you do not feel confident in coding this feel free to make a request for the next version. Felix may or may not be able to add this.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Thanks very much for the reply.

I asked if this could be done on the forum, as a pre-purchase question, and my purchase was contingent upon it. You answered that this and the other features I asked about were configurable.

This is a GREAT and popular viewer, and I'm a little surprised that this is not a standard feature yet - I would think most people would prefer it for most applications. Consider this a feature request - I am completing the feedback form for Felix.

Adding strips to the images is not a good option, because this would reduce the image size making them illegibly tiny, and increase the overall area taken up by the thumbnail gallery.

Please provide complete instructions (suitable for a novice) on altering the .as files as you mention - examples would be best.  I mentioned in my previous post that I am not proficient in Flash or coding. That said, I can certainly make edits with detailed guidance.

Thanks again!

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Unfortunately there are no step by step instructions to do this. SimpleViewer pro is provided to give access to SimpleViewer pro only options and for users who know flash to make desired changes. I can point you in the right direction to start, but if you cannot do it from there you will need to learn flash or hired a developer.

You can make feature request here.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Thanks again for the reply. I completed the feature request.

PLEASE: Give me a more to go on!

I don't want to have to return the viewer. My project is not of a scale to justify hiring a developer. I'd offer you a modest fee to guide me in this or do it for me. Others would definitely benefit from this thread, or we can take it off forum if you prefer.

I am pretty sharp at figuring stuff out, but I have looked at the .as files, and they are long and complex scripts I do not understand. Can you tell me anything about what to modify to get this result?

Any support on this is much appreciated - Thanks!

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions


SV-Pro does support rectangular thumbnails of any dimensions. Use the 'thumbnailWidth' and 'thumbnailHeight' ActionScript options. For instructions on using the AS options, check here.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

OK -  Thank you very much.

I'm getting it. I can see that the documentation and control of customization is much better than I thought.

This command resizes the thumbnail frames to my desired dimensions, but the thumbnail images that appear in the frames are still squished into the original square shape, producing black bars on either side of the images, rather than the images filling out the frames in their natural proportions.

How can this be corrected?

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

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Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions


the  thumbnails are not squished - they are retaining the proportions of the original thumbnail jpgs. You will need to resize the thumnail jpgs to match the dimensions you specified.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions


i am also working with rectangular images & thumbs. 

i have set the thumbnail width and height in  (56 x 108)  and have also changed these dimensions everywhere else i could find (in buildgallery.php, etc) i have also used the buildgallery.php to create my thumbs on the fly AND i tried turning that feature off and created them myself... either way they are correct on the server so its not a buildgallery or off-sized jpg problem.

however, when they display in the viewer, they are enlarged within the specified dimensions (thumb IS showing at 56x108 but its the center of the image only, and all pixelated because of the enlargement that is going on.

I can not figure out how to fix this - i've looked all over and to see if i could figure out what is the problem but i'm just not great at actionscript.

the site in progress can be seen here:

you'll see the thumbs are messed up, and should look like the full image to the right.

can anyone let me know what i need to change in order to display the full thumb at its correct size?

thanks so much!!!!

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

check the actual thumb jpgs. … 1G8356.jpg looks the same as the thumb that is being displayed in SimpleViewer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

thanks so much,

i guess you're right, this is what happens when I have buildgallery recreate my thumbs on the fly, from the  full-size images which show the entire garment & stand.

  do you know if this is something I need to change in buildgallery or maybe one of the .as files?

is it possible that this is due to the long filenames?

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

for anyone having the same problem -

shortening the file-size of my images did seem to fix this.

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Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

(picking up from Felix post at 10)

This is an older thread, but I am just returning to try to get this implemented.

I am able to get the thumbnail frames shaped properly, but I do not know how to generate the new thumbs in the correct proportions. The original set seems to have been automatically generated when first publishing the gallery with Wysiwyg Web Builder 6. (extension not pro version)

Then the customization instruction is to change the and republish the gallery with Flash. I have done all this, but the new thumbnails were not created by flash. (the source files were originally loaded in the SV extension in WWB6)

Here's what I did:

1) Insert SV gallery in website in WWB6 using extension.
2) Load files and set all options available in WWB6 SV extension dialogue.
3) Publish from WWB6
Result: Files are correct, but thumbs are square and squished.

4) edit thumbnail dimensions in from pro package.
5) open simpleviewer.fla in Flash
6) Publish from Flash
7) replace viewer.swf published by WWB6 with one newly published by Flash
Result: Thumbnail proportions are correct, but files are default sample files from SV pro package

8) replace gallery.xml file with original (generated in WWB6 publish)
Result: File names and thumb frame proportions are correct, files are missing (XXed out)

9) reopen simpleviewer.fla in Flash
10) republish from source folder next to associated web folder with correct xml file (from pro package location, not from WWB6 local publish location, because no simpleviewer.fla in that location)
Result: File names and thumb frame proportions are correct, files are missing (XXed out)

Do these thumbs have to be created manually, or is there a way to get them generated?
How do I get the correct files AND options to publish into viewer.swf? From Flash? From WWB6?

Please tell me there is a way to just get these thumbs resized via settings, without manually recreating every thumbnail and manually re-entering the file names in the xml. What's the easiest way?


Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions


I am able to get the thumbnail frames shaped properly, but I do not know how to generate the new thumbs in the correct proportions.

what is it you are trying to do exactly? Do you want non-square thumbnails?

Note that the Flash file does not generate the thumbnails for you. There are many ways to generate the thumbnails automatically using a server side script or a desktop app. Check here:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Thanks for responding Felix.

Yes, I need the thumbnails to display rectangular, in their natural proportions.

I've looked at svManager, and it looks great and very worthwhile. I don't see the options for thumbnail dimensions in the demo though. Is it possible to edit this in the actual one after purchase?

If not, how can this help me make the changes I need; how would I republish svPro to include my edits to the .as files etc?

I'd buy this in a minute for twice the price, if I thought I could configure the gallery in a user friendly interface without editing script files. There are a few layout options I don't see how to configure.

Ideally I want to:

Control the dimensions of thumbnails
Control the dimensions and location of large image
Control the size and location of Gallery Title and Image Captions

If not with svManager, can I make these changes using the CS3 scripts?

Thanks again.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

To change the size of the thumbnails you need to use the ActionScript options: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

I know that much.

Can you offer a more complete response please?

I have Wysiwyg Web Builder 6, PhotoShop, Flash, and I am willing to buy svManager if it is the solution.

HOW do I republish the gallery, after altering the, in a way that recreates the thumbnails in the specified dimensions?

The options I want to edit do not seem to be available from svManager or PhotoShop scripts, and the thumbs are not recreated if I JUST edit & replace the .as\

I'm just trying to understand, and it is not clear to me from the documentation.

Thanks for a clear answer.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Please someone reply - I'll restate this as simple and clear as possible:

I am using SimpleViewer (extension) inside Wysiwyg Web Builder 6, and I own the sv Pro.

I need to make a gallery with rectangular thumbnails.

I know how to make the edits to the file.

I just don't know how to publish the gallery so it ends up with the correct files AND the correct thumb dimensions.

Please give me steps, or if it is in the documentation, please paste a snip - not just a link.

If this CANNOT be done with SimpleViewer, and I have to manually create all the thumbs PLEASE just say this, so I can stop trying to figure it out.

I have WWB6, PhotoShop, Flash, text editor, and I would get svManager if it will help.

Thank You Very Much!

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

How are you creating your gallery? I believe the scripts take each Main image and resize it down maintaining the same ratio. So if your main image is correct you should get the correctly sized thumbnails.

Looking at the Photoshop CS3 plugin this seems to be the case.

    if (docRef.height > docRef.width)

    saveJPG(outputFolder + "/thumbs/");

I would output the gallery and compare the thumbnails to the images in Photoshop. If they are not satisfactory you could edit the script you use and change the output or use Photoshop's Automate feature or manually create the correctly size thumbnails.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Thanks for the reply Mike.

Maybe I am being dense, but I am still bewildered.

You asked me how I am creating my gallery - but that's exactly what I'm asking you! How SHOULD I create this gallery?

When I publish the gallery using PhotoShop, the result has square thumbnails. I don't know how to incorporate the file data into the publishing. It just publishes from the PhotoShop script, and the file data is not incorporated, and is not in the output folder either.

PLEASE - What I asked for is steps, instructions with steps (step1, step2, etc.) to get me to the result of a published gallery with rectangular thumbnails. That is my request. Just pretend I'm starting from scratch and spell it out. I asked for instruction steps 5 separate times in the conversations on this thread. PLEASE just provide steps this time.

I do not see this in the documentation anywhere. If it is there and I missed it, you can just paste the snip into a reply. (provided the text you paste contains the complete steps to creating a gallery with rectangular thumbs, start to finish - not just a bunch of related but incomplete information) If not, I prefer your step by step explanation.

Thanks a million.

Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

In order to know how to help I needed to know how you are creating your gallery. You stated "...I publish the gallery using PhotoShop..."

When I publish the gallery using PhotoShop, the result has square thumbnails.

The thumbnail images are not square they are the same dimensions as the images it is just the default flash file making them appear square. All you have to do is replace the viewer.swf either in the output folder or in the Photoshop plugin folder with the new viewer.swf you republished after making the changes to

How to Republish

If you want to replace the viewer.swf in the Photoshop plugin follow these instructions. (In the instructions just ignore '\web\viewer.swf' references and use your custom version of the viewer.swf instead.)

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Resize Thumbnails to Natural Proportions

Hallelujah - I got it working.

This is a great viewer, but getting detailed support on this topic has been like pulling teeth. This is a VERY confusing project for a novice coder - and not everyone wants to have to try to become an expert coder just to get one project done. Pre-purchase questions such as I asked should be met with more of a heads up that the current version of the pro is still very complex, and making use of all these great options is not for the novice or the feint of heart - and that detailed personal support is very limited.

Quality of product itself:             5 stars
Graciousness of support:            2 stars
Customization user friendliness:  1 star
Disclosure of difficulty level:       1 star

Felix & Mike, you could have saved me a lot of time and grief, and posted something very useful on one of the most viewed threads on the forum, if you had just given the instructions I'll post below. There are important details clarified here that were not at all clear to me from the documentation, even after many re-readings, and much experimentation.

For anyone who has waded through this thread, and wants a step-by-step like I did, here is a rosetta stone:

Publishing a gallery with rectangular thumbnails

1) Create a copy of your entire simpleviewer_pro folder; this will be your "working folder". (this should include the web and source folders)

2) Create a gallery (I used the PhotoShop script) Set the "output folder" location to a new folder (NOT the same location as the "working folder") This will be your "output folder". Publish from PhotoShop to the "output folder"

[this will create the gallery with the options you chose in the PhotoShop script. The thumbnail image files will be created directly proportional to the source images ie: they will be rectangular; but the gallery will display them in square frames]

3) Edit the "working folder" file found in simpleviewer_pro\source\com\airtightinteractive\apps\viewers\simpleViewer\. Adjust "thumbnailWidth" and "thumbnailHeight". These refer to the thumbnail display area dimensions of the gallery, not the dimensions of the thumbnail files themselves. Set any other options you want to change.

4) Open the simpleviewer.fla file in Adobe Flash from the "working folder" simpleviewer_pro\source\. Publish (shift F12) - this will publish your options changes to the "working folder" simpleviewer_pro\web\viewer.swf.

5) Copy the viewer.swf from the "working folder" simpleviewer_pro\web\viewer.swf to the "output folder" from your PhotoShop publish. Overwrite the existing file.

6) Make any edits you want to the gallery.xml file in the "output folder" (NOT the "working folder")

7) Reload the index.html from the "output folder" to see your results. Each time you edit the gallery.xml file, you only have to reload the browser to see your results. Each time you edit the file, you must republish from Flash to your "working folder", and overwrite the viewer.swf in your "output folder" to see your results.

8) To publish to the web, overwrite the viewer.swf and gallery.xml files on the server with the ones from the "output folder", as well as the images & thumbs folders.

Note - One more thing I had to figure out: about Background Color

The background color selected in the PhotoShop publish does not hold through republishing as pro gallery, if the published viewer.swf is separated from the original index.html for use in an actual website.

When I published the gallery from PhotoShop, I set the option for the gallery background color. This color displays as the background color of the index.html found in the output folder, and fills the entire space between the thumbs and main image, as expected. It seems this option is set as the background-color of this entire page in the published index.html.

However, the viewer.swf file itself does not have this background color, and it displays with the default dark charcoal gray background color when opened by itself in Flash Player, without the index.

When I replaced the viewer.swf and the gallery.xml as well as the thumbs & images folders on the server with the ones from the output folder - my gallery displayed just as it should (dimensions & arrangement), except for the gallery background color, which was back to the default.

I resolved this by making a swatch of the desired color, uploading it, and entering the image location in the xml file as backgroundImagePath=

Good Luck