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mportant thing Please help me somebody I dont know one very important thing ;(((( I want to edit as it is written in airtight page, i want to add BACK BUTTOn but there is no script for this button, so I wrote tehre this>

//Back Button
showBackButton= true; <b>&lt; <u>Main page</b></u>"

and it didnt take any effect please help me cause i cant now link gallery with my page ;(((( pleaseeeee Im working with this for hours and Im going crazy of it. Tkanks much

Re: customizing

once you set showBackButton to true and setup your backButtonText did you republish the viewer.swf? … html#repub

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: customizing

I was yesterday doing on it lot of time, then I decided to add on  top back button just using HTMl, maybe its not the best solution but it look quite nice thank you for help