Topic: attaching .swfs with interactivity


I have successfully attached swf files into postcardviewer, but now my next challenge is to be able to have interactive swfs in place.

The basic idea of PV is that clicking an image will set up a zoomIn and clicking it again does a zoomOut. Any interactivy in a placed swf is inaccessible because of this basic functionality.

I am trying to determine how to create a different state where clicking the thumb zooms in, but then ou must click the stage to zoom back out. Also, clicking a neighbor will select it, but then free up its content.

Any thoughts?

With thanks!!

Re: attaching .swfs with interactivity

Hey Hank,

I'm looking to do a very similar thing - did you get a response?

- Zack

Re: attaching .swfs with interactivity

I'm trying to do this too.


Re: attaching .swfs with interactivity

You would have to change the toggleZoom function in so that the zoom out was somehow not applied to the entire image. For example adding an "X' at the upper right corner as a button and tie the zoomOut function to the button.

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Mike Richards
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