Topic: Hyperlinks suddenly dont work anymore

Yesterday i tried SimpleViewer on my Website and everything worked fine. Today i wanted to work on it, but i noticed that no link in the image description (caption) is working anymore.
Then i tried the examples on the simpleviewer homepage, and noticed that even there the links are not working. (cursor gets "normal" after cklicking on link and stays normal on every other link in the gallery, but i can navigate through the pictures)

I tried to reinstall flash but it didnt help.

Is this a known Problem? How can i fix that?
Thx in advance,

Win Vista Home Premium 32bit

Re: Hyperlinks suddenly dont work anymore

please post your URL

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Hyperlinks suddenly dont work anymore


same hyperlink problem here.

Simpleviewer 1.9 does not have working hyperlinks in the caption part.
(or doesn't have it anymore.. I don't know if hyperlinks did work before).

The caption hyperlinks in simpleviewer's own example site do not work either..
check out: " … les/lores/"
The hovering above the hyperlink, the cursor changes to normal.. and stays like that.

But, simpleviewer 1.7 is still fully functional, including hyperlinks in the caption area.
Working example (sv 1.7):

Could you please fix this hyperlink issue with sv 1.9?
Because I like 1.9 more than 1.7 :)


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Re: Hyperlinks suddenly dont work anymore

Hi all,

i experienced the same prob.
The solution (for mine, at least) is the security settings
if you right-click on the flash (when you viewed it on your browser), click ADVANCE.. on Privacy Tab.
I will redirect u to … ger04.html (or something similar)
in there, u need to add the FOLDER (where the flash file is located) under GLOBAL SECURITY SETTINGS to ALWAYS ALLOW.
Then it should be fine from there.