Topic: Problem Uploading Multiple Photos


Everything is working great except for when I try to upload multiple photos at the same time. What happens is whatever the first photo is in the list is, it's resized and appears normally. Every other photo in the queue after that  (even if it only 1 additional photo) is resized correctly but is just a black image.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Problem Uploading Multiple Photos

This is a new one on me.

Your photos are non-progressive jpegs – yes?

Is it the same when you turn resize off?

Do you get the same result when you upload photos in the server compatibility test?

I take it that the photos themselves (not just the thumbnails) are coming-out all black. Try downloading one of the black images by ftp and looking at it on your local computer. Does it still look the same? Any error messages when you try to view it? Anything else that looks strange, such as a very small file size?

As far as you know, is there anything unusual in the type of server you are running or the setup?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.