Topic: How to EMBED tilt viewer into my own website?

Hi there,

I am pretty new to building websites. I know a little about HTML but have created my website retromodern dot com dot au using WYSIWYG Web Biulder.

I have created my tilt viewer in photoshop and uploaded it to my website. Please see my website retromodern dot com dot au then press About Us then Gallery. (sorry I cant add links because i'm new to this forum and it wont let me.)

My question is how do I embed the tilt viewer into my website? Currently I have a screen shot of what the viewer looks like then you have to click onto it for the photos to open. I have set it that is is a pop up as don't want it in a separate window.

Anyway if I can add this to my actual website so there is no pop up that would be great. I dont know how to get the HTML coding for the viewer to embed it.....

Hope someone can help me in simple terms...



Re: How to EMBED tilt viewer into my own website?

Is this even possible to do this? Just that i've had no replies from anyone so perhaps it can not be done..... hmmm?

Re: How to EMBED tilt viewer into my own website?

You could embed your gallery into your gallery.html page by copying and pasting a couple of sections from view_gallery.html. See … d_example/ for more information.
However, seeing as you have a complete and working gallery, you could load it into an iframe.
In gallery.html, replace:

<a href="javascript&#58;popupwnd&#40;'http&#58;//','no','no','no','no','no','no','300','150','800','700'&#41;" target="_self"><img src="images/Gallery Photo.jpg" id="Image2" alt="click to open galery photos" align="top" border="0" title="retromodern sold items gallery" style="width&#58;491px;height&#58;316px;"></a>

... with:

<iframe frameborder="0" style="width&#58; 491px; height&#58; 316px;" src="view_gallery.html"></iframe>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team