Topic: from photoshop to wordpress

i have created my gallery in photoshop. it looks amazing. but im not sure how to upload to wordpress. there are a series of files such as xml, swf, js, image folder......on my desktop. what should i do with them?


Re: from photoshop to wordpress

I would look for an autoviewer wordpress plugin such as … ashviewer/

or take a look at these post, you may find more by googleing how to autoviewer wordpress … ebbb1dfc33 … wordpress/

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: from photoshop to wordpress

What is the best photoshop edition for me? I am a beginning amateur digital photographer and want to know what/where I can find the best photoshop to meet my needs for a decent price. I want to be able to enhance my images and do some creative digital alterations. Any advice?