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Hey folks,

I'm trying to move the caption of an image to under the main image, above the navigation. (I have my nav at the bottom).

I've edited the file and published and uploaded the new file however I can't seem to get it working.

I have changed the option file to read under "Captions"

static var captionUnderThumbs = false;
static var captionPadding = 14;

I just assumed that was the right thing to write in there.

I'm using this with the Wordpress plugin, but will change if needed.

Many thanks,

Re: SV-Pro Caption Placement

3. How do I position the captions somewhere other than under the thumbnails?

To position the caption text at the lower-left corner of the image, set the captionUnderThumbs AS options to false.

To position the caption somewhere else, you can use the fixedLayout AS options to specify a fixed caption postion. Other layout scenarios are not supported by the AS options and will require you to modify the stage layout code in the StageManager.doLayout() function. … n.html#faq

In addition to what you have done set fixed layout to true, set the captionX and captionY and adjust captionPadding accordingly. … tions.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SV-Pro Caption Placement

Thanks a lot, however when I set fixed layout to true I lose the thumbnails and the page just seems to loop through "read" and "load". I'm guessing the fixed layout is where the navigation is on the left and image on the right so need to fiddle with the numbers.

Is there a way to find out the X and Y posisitons in my current layout?