Topic: I don't see all the pro options in Lightroom


I installed autoviewer pro according to instructions but the options present in lightroom look exactly the same as before.  I thought I would see a menu of options for things such as auto start on the right side of lightroom.

Why can I not see this?


Re: I don't see all the pro options in Lightroom

Updating the viewer.swf does not give you any additional lightroom settings. This just gives you a pro version of the swf with any changes you have made to it when you export your gallery.

If you want additional xml setting to be available in lightroom you will have to manually modify galleryMaker.xml in the lightroom autoviewer plugin folder to add any pro xml setting you wish to set with lightroom. And additionally you will have to edit AutoViewer source to allow the Pro setting to e set by XML.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.