Topic: Mousewheel and Custom Fonts


I'm using pro.

I ran into a strange problem... I embedded custom fonts with the character sets:

basic latin



I republished the viewer and suddenly the mouseWheel function does not work. I checked the option in the source and the value is set to "true".

Any idea why?


Re: Mousewheel and Custom Fonts

I just saw another post saying this occurs when the wmode transparent is added.

is that so? Dang.

Re: Mousewheel and Custom Fonts


yes WMODE = transparent will disable mousewheel functionality on some browsers. We recommend not using transparent WMODE where possible.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Mousewheel and Custom Fonts

Thanks, I figured as much.

wmode transparent doesn't even work on mac firefox, I noticed.

I'll search the forums, but any quick fix to tile the background image in the galleries? I notice it just stretches whatever file you put in there.

I used a 1px wide image and got a "pseudo tile" effect, but I'd prefer to use a more detailed tile.

Thanks again