Topic: External hosting of images

Evening all from rainy England

For me, the situation is this (I have searched but could find nothing)

I downloaded the tool and set it up, no problems at all. It works fine when uploaded to my web server, despite only allowing me to show 16 images as a time. No problem, I can have multiple galleries.

Problem is all the images take up a lot of space, and only a third of one of my galleries takes up as much space as I have on my web space (only 100MB, given to me by my ISP), so I would like to upload images to imageshack and have PostcardViewer load them from there, meaning I only have to host the XML and HTML files.

Initially I tried the obvious thing of just swapping the value in U R L tags to an imageshack U R L. It doesn't work, because it's looking in the PostcardViewer folder for that U R L. So is it possible to tweak it to look for the images externally?

I'm sure this will be some simple XML tuning but I'm a novice at this kind of thing, HTML is the same.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Edit: silly spaces in U R L added because it wouldn't let me post without them, just so you don't think I'm a nutcase.  :D

Re: External hosting of images

Hello back from rainy New England...

I don't know imageshack but if you can access your images remotely from there you can feed use php to feed the to the gallery as an xml. If you look through the forums there is information on this.

A simpler answer and the one I would look into first would be to try using smaller images for your gallery. I have 90 images up in my gallery only using about 13mbs and they look fine.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.